The Best Commercial Film Directors Blend Creativity and Industry Know-how

When it comes to making a video (a movie, commercial, TV show, whatever), the director is the key cog in the machine. Choose the right one, and you could have a blockbuster on your hands. Choose the wrong one, and your project could be a big ole’ flop (think Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room.”)

The fact of the matter is, choosing a great director is crucial to any video project. They determine the overall vision for the piece, they hire the actors, producers, cameramen and editors, and they have a hand in every step of the process from start to finish. If you don’t choose the right one, you’re headed for disaster right from the very start.

So how, out of all the commercial film directors out there, do you even begin to find the one that’s right for your project? Do you just choose the one with the most extensive experience or portfolio? Or do you go for the most unique, creative ones around?

The truth is, if you want a successful project, you need both of these attributes in spades.

Creativity + Experience are the Keys

The first thing you want in a director is lots of industry experience and filmmaking know-how. You want them to have dozens of projects under their belts, and they should be familiar with all aspects of filmmaking. From storyboarding and scheduling to sound production and editing, they need to have hands-on experience with it all, as they will all play a major role in how well your project turns out.

Though choosing a director with lots of experience definitely benefits you technically, helping you produce a better looking, more powerful project on the whole, it also benefits in another way. Thanks to all their years in the business, most experienced directors have built up a pretty hefty Rolodex of connections. That means you get access to some of the best writers, products, editors and directors, all of whom can make your project a success.

But you don’t want a director who’s only caught up in the technical details of filmmaking. You also want one who has a unique vision – a creative flair that you don’t see with other directors. This is what will make your piece stand out, and it’s what will resonate with viewers once it’s finalized.

While nailing down a person’s level of “creativity” is difficult, you can usually spot someone’s unique touch just by watching a few of their past videos. They tend to have a similar feel or mood throughout them, and if that mood jives with your project, then it just may be a match made in heaven.

Need Creative, Experienced Commercial Film Directors

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