6 Best Places to Shoot Video in Austin

on: March 31, 2015

Sometimes, all a scene needs is the right backdrop, and everything changes. The dialogue makes more sense. The actors look more real. The script sounds more natural. Unfortunately, unless you’re building your sets from scratch on a backlot or adding them in post, finding that perfect backdrop is often difficult. If you’ve found yourself in a […]

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The Best Commercial Film Directors Blend Creativity and Industry Know-how

on: March 26, 2015

When it comes to making a video (a movie, commercial, TV show, whatever), the director is the key cog in the machine. Choose the right one, and you could have a blockbuster on your hands. Choose the wrong one, and your project could be a big ole’ flop (think Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room.”) The fact […]

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5 Steps to Prepare for Your Upcoming Film Production Shoot

on: February 26, 2015

Preparing for a film production shoot can be pretty stressful. You’ve got budgets to manage, cameramen and editors to hire, and a whole slew of locations, sets, props and pieces of equipment to keep track of. If you’re not organized and on top of things, it can be easy to fall off track. Want to […]

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Build the Perfect Film Production Crew


Like any company or organization, a film production is only as good as its weakest link. If you want to have a successful, profitable and award-winning film, well you have to hire crew members who have the skills to achieve that. Unfortunately, in a world where everyone and their mother seems to think they can […]

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How to Run a Smooth Video Production Shoot

on: February 23, 2015

When it comes to a video production shoot, time is money. If you get off track or experience delays, you’re eating into your budget. You’re paying actors and crew members, you’re spending funds on location and equipment rentals, and you’re cutting into the time you have to shoot, edit and complete your video on deadline. […]

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6 Keys to Online Video Production


Online video production has become huge in recent years. It’s a great way to market your brand, explain products and services, or just entertain customers and encourage brand loyalty. Plus, with pre-roll and mid-roll advertising available on networks like Hulu, YouTube and other streaming sites, it also provides a great opportunity for promoting your brand to […]

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Find the Right Directors for your Projects

on: January 12, 2015

Having a killer script or an amazing actor on board are certainly great ways to ensure your film’s success. But without the right director at the helm, none of that matters. A great director is a crucial component of any successful film or video production. Not only do they ensure the project stays on track and […]

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The 6 Tenets of Documentary Production

on: January 9, 2015

A documentary film is a powerful thing. It can change people’s views on important, societal issues, it can evoke intense emotions and feelings, and it can be just as captivating and enthralling as scripted films. But documentary production isn’t easy, and because of this, truly great documentaries are few and far between. Do you have an […]

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How to Be an Extra

on: December 15, 2014

How to Be an Extra in a Commercial Film Production Being an extra can be an exciting experience. You get the chance to see how a commercial film production is really made, you get your face on TV, in the movies or in advertising, and you have behind-the-scenes access that no bonus footage can ever […]

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5 Useful Tips for Shooting Music Videos

on: November 21, 2014

With the advent of streaming services like Spotify, endless satellite radio stations and even iTunes, you’d think music videos were on their way out. Even MTV doesn’t show them anymore! But while this is a common assumption, surprisingly, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Music videos are actually still hugely popular. Though most are […]

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