Build the Perfect Film Production Crew

Like any company or organization, a film production is only as good as its weakest link. If you want to have a successful, profitable and award-winning film, well you have to hire crew members who have the skills to achieve that.

Unfortunately, in a world where everyone and their mother seems to think they can wield a camera, sometimes it can be a little difficult to hone in on who’s qualified and who’s not really a good fit for your crew.

We’re here to help. After decades in the business, we’ve learned how to pick the best of the best for each and every one of our shoots. To help you build the best team possible, we’ve put together a few tips based on our experiences:

  • Start with the right director

    Ultimately, the entire production rests in your director’s hands. Choose the right one, and you’ll likely have a successful product. Choose the wrong one and, well, we won’t go there. The moral of the story is always take time to find the right director – one who’s qualified, experienced and shares your vision for the project. Once you’ve found the perfect director, chances are they have a team of crew members they regularly rely on for their films, people they trust and believe in. They’ll help you start building a team of winning team members right away.

  • Go through your network

    Don’t just Google “Dallas film producers” or “Fort Worth cameramen.” Leverage your professional network, and get recommendations from people you trust and know. Know someone who just finished a film production? Ask them who their best crew members were. Know a producer in the area who’s won a lot of awards? Get their recommendations for cameramen and editors. Cultivate that network, and use it to your advantage.

  • Look to local organizations

    Get involved in local film organizations, clubs and social events, and start networking with other pros in your area. Check out nearby live theaters, and find out who works the lights, sound and other behind-the-scenes elements, and look to local talent agencies, film commissions and other related professional groups that can offer you help in staffing your production.

  • Hit the web

    Many people use classifieds sites like Craigslist to find crew members. While this can certainly be effective at times, it’s important to be extra careful when finding people online. You want to be sure they’re who they say they are, and that they have ample experience and know-how to get the job done. Always ask for a portfolio or reel to verify a person’s background, and meet them in person first before exchanging any money.

Do you want the perfect crew for your upcoming film production? Liberal Media Films can help. Our experienced directors can build a team of expert film professionals who can help your production be both successful and profitable.

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