Find the Right Directors for your Projects

Having a killer script or an amazing actor on board are certainly great ways to ensure your film’s success. But without the right director at the helm, none of that matters. A great director is a crucial component of any successful film or video production. Not only do they ensure the project stays on track and on budget throughout the entire shoot, they also guide the overall message of production and make sure the final product is one you can be proud of. Are you currently looking for directors for your film or video production? Then use these tips to find the right one:

Get recommendations

Find some films or videos you like – maybe ones that are similar to your project or ones you simply like the style or feel of. Then, find out who directed them, and get in touch. You can also ask colleagues and business partners who they’d recommended, or talk to your marketing or PR agency about endorsements they may have.

Browse portfolios

If you want to truly get a feel for the directors you’re considering, get intimately familiar with their portfolios. What is their storytelling style like? How is the acting? Are they good at humor, or are they more adept at dramatic interpretations? Make sure to watch as many of their past productions as possible to see if they’re a good fit for your film.

Interview potential candidates

When you’ve narrowed down your list of potential directors, schedule an in-person or over-the-phone interview with each one. You want to get to know them – their filmmaking style, their take on your script, how they’d approach your project, etc. – and make sure they jive with your ideas for the production.

Be sure they share your message and goals

You also need to make sure your director shares your goals for the film and that they can get behind your overall message or story. If they can’t, the final product is going to lack something – and the audience will take notice. You need a director who’s as passionate about your project as you are, and if they’re not, it’s time to find a new one.

Learn about their process

Every director is different and, just like any other person you’d meet, some of them you just won’t like or get along with. Take time to learn about each director’s process, and make sure it meshes with your expectations. Are they known for getting off schedule? If you’re on a tight deadline or a stickler for planning, they may not be the best choice for you. Are they great at working with actors and inspiring great performances? Then they may be perfect for your small indie film. Basically, just make sure their process fits in with your goals and what’s important to you in your production.

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