How to Run a Smooth Video Production Shoot

When it comes to a video production shoot, time is money. If you get off track or experience delays, you’re eating into your budget. You’re paying actors and crew members, you’re spending funds on location and equipment rentals, and you’re cutting into the time you have to shoot, edit and complete your video on deadline.

Because time is so of the essence in the film world, it’s absolutely crucial you take every step you can to make sure your shoot is smooth, seamless and on track at every turn. Want to make sure your shoot stays the course? Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Don’t try to do too much – When creating your shooting scripts and schedules, don’t allot too many scenes for one day – especially at the beginning of your shoot. You want to give yourself plenty of leeway for reshoots and extra takes without falling behind schedule.
  • Clearly outline duties – Make sure every one of your crew members is completely clear on what they should be doing and when. Give each member their own shooting script, and outline what their role in that day will be. This will help prevent any missteps on the day of shooting.
  • Have a practice run – A week or two before your video production is set to start shooting, call in your major players for a quick run through. Go over equipment set-up and tear down, and stage a practice scene to get a feel for how it will all go down. Then, depending on what you learn, you can adjust your shooting schedules and scripts accordingly.
  • Make sure everyone shares your vision – It’s not enough to just know the script. Make sure your crew members also know your overall vision for the video – the message you want to convey, the feeling you want it to have, and the mood of the piece. If each of them shares this vision with you, it’s less likely you’ll have clashes or confusion later on.
  • Allot extra days at the end – Structure your schedule so that you have 3 or 4 days at the very end completely free. If you get off track or your editor sees a problem with footage, this gives you plenty of room to reshoot scenes.

A big part of running a smooth, on-schedule and on-budget video production lies in the team you choose to support it. Want to make sure you choose the best team possible? Contact Liberal Media Films today. We’re here to help.

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